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by Elizabeth Henderson
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What is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)?
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a partnership of consumers and farmers. The member shareholders provide a guaranteed market and income, as well as labor to produce and distribute the food for a growing season. The farmers provide weekly shares of fresh, seasonal, certified organically grown vegetables and herbs. Both partners share in the risks and rewards of small-scale farming: weather, insect damage, and bumper crops. more...

The Genesee Valley Organic Community Supported Agriculture (GVOCSA) is a non-profit program of Politics of Food in Rochester, NY. It began in 1989 with 26 members. Farmers Elizabeth Henderson, Greg Palmer, Ammie Chickering and Katie Lavin grow the food at Peacework Organic Farm near Newark, NY. Members pick up their food weekly in Rochester or Newark. GVOCSA also holds social events to celebrate community and the harvest.
GVOCSA Vision Statement

Who can join?
Membership is open to anyone in the Greater Rochester area or The Wayne County/Newark area. Families with children are especially welcome, and we will arrange the farm work schedule to include children to the greatest extent possible. People who live within half an hour's drive of Peacework Organic Farm may prefer to pick up their vegetables at the farm. To arrange for on-farm pick-up, contact the farm directly. Call Elizabeth at or e-mail: ehndrsn [at] redsuspenders [dot] com.

What does it cost?
The cost of the food varies according to the type of share you purchase. There are three types of shares available for purchase: Full Share: Approx. 7-11 items
Sliding Scale: $14 - $17 - $20 per week plus one-time membership fee of $12
Shared: Same size as full share. Cost, work and produce divided between 2 or more households
Sliding Scale: Same as full share plus one-time membership fee of $12 per household
Partial Share: Approx 4-5 items depending on time of season
Set cost: $10 per weekplus one-time membership fee of $12

Every member makes a commitment, on a sliding scale, for the season. An initial partial payment is required to join. The remainder may be paid in increments. Food stamps are accepted. Bulk quantities can be purchased for canning, freezing, and storage. Special products from other small New York State farmers and producers are also available for purchase. Bulk and special orders are paid for separately when ordered.

Work Requirements
Full or Shared Share:
3 Farm Shifts of 4 hours each (8 AM - Noon) plus
2 Distribution Shifts of 2.5 hours each (Starting one hour before food pick up begins)
Total of 17 hours
Partial Share:
2 Farm Shifts of 4 hours each (8 AM - Noon) plus
1 Distribution Shift of 2.5 hours (Starting one hour before food pick up begins)
Total of 10.5 hours
CORE Members work exemption:
A CORE group of members administers the group. Voluntary participation in the CORE group is open to any member. Membership in the CORE relieves the member of farm or distribution work. However, additional voluntary work is always welcomed.

Where do I get my food?
You can pick up your food at either of these two locations:
Abundance Cooperative Market, 62 Marshall Street in Rochester (off Monroe Avenue, near the Inner Loop)
Peacework Organic Farm in Newark NY
..more information if you'd like to pick up your food at the farm

When can I get my food?
When you sign up for the season, you choose a pick-up day of either Thursday or Sunday. The day you pick up your food determines which day you will work at the farm - either a Thursday or a Sunday.

Pick-up at Abundance Cooperative Market On-farm pick-up for residents of Wayne and Ontario Counties
Pick-up days:
Thursday 6:30-8:00 p.m.
Sunday 5:30-7:00 p.m.
Pick-up days:
Thursday: 1:30 pm till Friday noon Sunday: 1:30 pm till Monday noon

Summer Season
27 Weeks - mid-May through end of November

Winter Season
The Winter shares program is a seperate program offered each year. More detailed information on Winter Shares will be posted in the fall.
A full Winter Share might provide approx. 16 lbs of food (typically root vegetables, cabbages, garlic, leeks, etc.) per distribution, and a Half Winter Share nets about 8 lbs. per distribution.
Distributions take place every other week beginning January 9th, through March 20th.
Each share is only required to work a single 1.5 hr distribution shift. THERE IS NO FARM SHIFT.

Sounds Great! Sign Me Up!
Our next signup meeting for the 2007 season is Saturday, March 3rd. Orientation and a slide show will be provided for new members. A supervised play room will be available for children.

Please note that it is not too late to make a $50 deposit to reserve a share for 2007 (use the printable Deposit Receipt). Members who have made deposits must still attend sign up meetings to sign contracts and sign up for their work requirements. Those who have made deposits may come 15 minutes early and get first in line.

This information is also available in our print-friendly brochure (pdf).

Farm Photos by Tom Ruggieri

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