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You are responsible for finding a replacement if you cannot work your shift. Please notify schedulers of changes.

PICKUP Times: Thursdays: 6:30-8:00 pm
Sundays: 5:30-7:00 pm

LOCATION: Abundance Cooperative Market at in Rochester. Go to the Coop's website for detailed information.

PICKUP: BE SURE YOU KNOW YOUR DISTRIBUTION DAY. Check your name and pickup day on the membership list in the newsletter; if there are any changes or corrections, call or e-mail Dave Fergusson IMMEDIATELY ( ).

Distribution is EVERY Thursday and Sunday for 27 weeks. Please arrive no later than 15 minutes before the end of the pick up time.

Check in at the full share or partial share station (whichever applies). Make sure your name is checked off. Bring your own bag for veggies. Bring extra bags if you have them: paper or plastic grocery bags - reuse, recycle, reuse. Look for notices about bulk orders, picnics, contract payments, special orders, other events, at stations near pick up. Pick up your vegetables as directed by the signs on the boxes.

FIND a neighbor/friend/other CSA member to pickup your food if you can't. The pickup person need not be a CSA member but must give your name at pickup. All food NOT picked up at the end of distribution is given to a local food cupboard or homeless shelter for those in need.

If you cannot pick up your share do one of the following:

  • Ask a friend or neighbor to pick it up for you.
  • Go to Abundance the next morning before 9 am and take some of the left overs from the cooler. Shares are not guaranteed after that time since the Southeast Ecumenical Ministry people take the left overs to give to families who can use them.
  • Call the GVOCSA cell phone before distribution. Please tell us your name, whether you are a full or partial share and the day you pick up. Please speak loud and clear. Your share will be left in a bag on a shelf in the GVOCSA cooler with your name on it.

Please be aware that there are never any guarantees regarding next day pick-up. We do our best, but things happen. Your phone message could be garbled or lost. Somebody could take your share by mistake. Fortunately, this does not happen often.

CONTRACT PAYMENT CHECKS (made out to GVOCSA) may be put in the payment box at the garage.

If you have ordered eggs, chickens or dairy products, check the appropriate stations for your orders. Be sure to tell anyone picking up for you to get these items.

WORKING AT DISTRIBUTION: Check the distribution work schedule in the May newsletter for the dates you are scheduled to work. Arrive an hour before distribution starts and plan to stay until the end of distribution and the area is cleaned. A distribution captain will be there to get things started and organize breaking down food into individual units. YOU MUST find your replacement if you cannot work your shift! Notify the distribution scheduler about any changes; we need to know who to expect. Note: if you need to change your farm work schedule, contact the farm work scheduler (see Scheduling), this may be a different person.

BULK ORDERS: You may choose to order extra vegetables for the next week from the bulk order list on a table near pick up; pay when you order. There will also be a list of probable share vegetables for the next week, so you won't have double of what you wanted. Bulk order checks are made out to Peacework Organic Farm; see the newsletter for more information on BULK ORDERS. If you placed a bulk order the previous week,
REMEMBER TO PICK UP YOUR ORDER! Items not picked up will go to the Food Cupboard/Homeless Shelter.


Please save this information. WELCOME to all members! Remember that YOU are responsible, with us, for making the CSA a success.

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