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History of Peacework Farm

Peacework Farm CSA (for Members in Wayne & Ontario Counties)

Peacework Farm operates a CSA separate from GVOCSA for residents of Wayne and Ontario Counties who live within a half-hour's drive from the farm. "Local" CSA members pick up their weekly shares at the farm. The CSA runs for the same 26-week season as the GVOCSA main season. No winter shares are offered at Peacework Farm. Pick-up days are Thursdays or Sundays.

**Please note: Peacework Farm CSA members receive a copy of the GVOCSA newsletter but please do not be confused by information in the newsletter that pertains to Rochester-area GVOCSA members who pick up their shares at Abundance Cooperative Market. Peacework Farm CSA members do NOT deliver produce for GVOCSA shares to Abundance and they do NOT work distribution shifts! They DO work farm shifts (see below).

Peacework Farm
Mailing address: Greg Palmer & Ammie Chickering, PO Box 48, Newark, -0048
Phone: cell) or evenings at Greg & Ammie's home number).
E-mail: (Please note: Greg & Ammie prefer phone contact to email, especially during the growing season.)
Physical address: 2231 Welcher Road, Newark, NY

Directions to the farm appear on the Farm Work page of this web site.

New Members: Please contact Greg & Ammie to arrange a time to meet them at the farm. They will show you where to pick up your share and sign up for farm work shifts and help you fill out your contract. It is NOT necessary for you to attend the GVOCSA sign-up meetings in Rochester but please come to the May Day party and enjoy yourself.

Returning Members: Greg & Ammie will contact you over the winter by mail or e-mail with sign-up information and contracts for the up-coming season. Sign up for your farm work shifts on the schedule in the packing shed at the May Day party or when you pick up your first share.

Share Options: Full and Partial shares are offered for the same 26-week season as the GVOCSA. A Full share is 6-10 items per week and a Partial share is 4-6 items per week depending on the time of the season. Two or more households are welcome to share a Full share, which will give you a greater variety of produce than a Partial share. You divide the fees, farm work shifts, and pick ups as you see fit. Shares are lighter early in the season and increase in size at the height of the season. Items in the "local" shares may not always match the items in the "city" shares on any given week but we do our best to make the shares equitable over the course of the season.

Fees: Fees are the same as for the GVOCSA. Full shares are offered on a sliding scale of $440, $520, $600, or $680 for the same amount of food. People who can afford to pay at the higher levels help the folks who can only afford the lower levels. Partial shares are at a fixed price of $325 for the season (no sliding scale). There is a membership fee of $5 per share or per household sharing a share. Members can pay in a lump sum or in installments that you designate on your contract. Subsidized shares are available and Food Stamps are accepted. Contact Greg & Ammie about these options.

Extra Produce: When there is extra produce available beyond what is needed for the shares, the farmers will post a "Need A Little More?" sheet on the cooler door with a list of items available and the price. You place your order on the sheet, leave your payment, and pick it up the following week. In a good growing year, larger amounts of some items will be available for canning, freezing, or winter storage.

Pick-up times at the farm:

  • Thursdays: 2:30 PM through Saturday
  • Sundays: 2:30 PM through Tuesday

**Shelf space is limited in the cooler and shares left too long are hard to manage. If you know you're going to miss your pick-up (you can't pick up by Saturday or Tuesday evening), please arrange to have someone take your share or write "away" on those dates next to your name on the pick-up checklist and we won't make a share for you. Shares left too long will be donated to people who need the food. We can't guarantee the quality of food left more than 3-4 days.

Pick-up clusters:
We recommend arranging a pick-up schedule with other members who live near you. The farm can provide you with a contact list of local members and we will also post the list in the packing shed. If you form a cluster, please give us the names of the cluster members and a copy of your pick-up schedule.

Work shift requirements:
Full shares work three 4-hour shifts at the farm; Partial shares work two 4-hour shifts. If you come with 2 parents and an able-bodied child willing to work 4 hours, a Full share work requirement can be met with just one visit to the farm. Many people really enjoy working at the farm. You are welcome to volunteer your time beyond your work shift requirement on any Thursday or Sunday morning during the CSA season. We also have "Special Vegetable Action Team" (SVAT) work days if you would rather work then instead of on a regular CSA day. They are one-time jobs that require lots of hands like setting up and taking down the pea fencing, harvesting the garlic, etc. Contact Greg & Ammie if you are interested in SVAT jobs. If the weeds get ahead of us, we will issue an alert on the GVOCSA Yahoo email group for extra help. If you'd like to join the group, click Contact Us/Join our email list for how to apply.

Work days:

  • Thursday: 8 AM till noon
  • Sunday: 8 AM till noon

Members often stay for a picnic lunch at noon. If you'd like to stay, please bring some food to share. We will make a big seasonal salad and we have plenty of plates, cups, and utensils at the farm.

Children are always welcome on CSA days but parents are responsible for supervising them (see more on children).

See Farm Work for more details on how to dress, etc.

How to make the best use of your share: The GVOCSA Yahoo group posts recipes. We also have a Food Book for sale at the farm, which is a compilation of recipes collected from members over many years.

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