GVOCSA 2011 Sign-up

Use this form to start the sign-up process and provide us with your information for the 2011 GVOCSA season.

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Sign-up Meeting Attendance
  • All members need to come to a sign-up meeting to schedule farmwork and distribution
  • New members should arrive at the start of the meeting for orientation and important information
  • The meetings are held at James P. B. Duffy School #12 located at 999 South Ave, Rochester, NY 14620
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Please select an option: *
Wednesday March 16th (7:00pm - 9:00pm)
Saturday April 2nd (2:00pm - 4:00pm)
Not sure which meeting I'll be attending at this time
I am a core member
I am a core member and would like to volunteer to help at signup
Household #1
  • Please note that the first person entered under household #1 is considered the primary contact for this share
  • The primary contact is responsible for coordinating and managing pick-up and work responsibilities with all other members and households entered on this contract
Primary First Name: * Last Name:  * Core Member?
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Yes, I'm online - Please send me the newsletter and special notices via email to reduce paper use.
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Share Options
  • Pick-up day is which day you would like to pick your vegetables up from Abundance Cooperative Market
  • Please note that the pick-up day you select is also the day of the week you will be doing farm and distribution shifts
Pick-up Day: *
Thursdays (6:30pm - 8:00pm)
Sundays (5:30pm - 7:00pm)
Macrobiotic Share:
Share Commitment
  • This is the amount paid to the farmers for the season's vegetables
  • There is an additional one time fee of $15.00 per household to cover administration, rent at Abundance and distribution supplies
  • You are welcome to offer other amounts, voluntarily increasing your quarterly payments by $5 or $10 per payment if you can afford it, the money will go straight to the farmers!
  • Foodstamps are welcome, the farm has an EBT machine
Please select your share commitment: *
$325 - Partial Share
$440 - Full Share (subsidized)
$520 - Full Share (fair market value)
$600 - Full Share (generous)
$680 - Full Share (farm patron)
 A Partial share also requires:
  • one 2½ hour distribution shift at your pick-up location
  • two 4 hour farm shifts (8:00am - noon)
 A Full share also requires:
  • two 2½ hour distribution shifts at your pick-up location
  • three 4 hour farm shifts (8:00am - noon)
 Shifts are scheduled at the sign up meeting
Payment Options

Please select a payment option: *
Full Payment I will make the full payment of my member fee and share commitment at the signup meeting.
Quarterly Payments I will pay the member fee and the first ¼ payment at the signup meeting, then each additional ¼ payment on June 1st, July 1st and August 1st.
Other Payment Plan I will pay the member fee and the first ¼ payment at the signup meeting and arrange a more manageable payment plan with the treasurer, Nora Dimmock ()
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