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You are responsible for finding a replacement if you cannot work your farm shift. Please notify schedulers of any changes.

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Farmwork schedule

Peacework Organic Farm, 2218 Welcher Road, Newark,

The trip to Peacework Organic Farm, under ideal conditions, takes an hour from Rochester. Allow enough time to arrive at the farm at 8 AM without rushing. Please carpool when possible.

Also remember that you will be transporting food back to the city, so use a vehicle with plenty of space. You may want to bring plastic sheets to cover seats and trunk.

  • From Rochester: Take Route 31 or Route 104 eastbound to Route 88.
  • From 31, turn north onto 88; just north of Newark, go over the bridge, and immediately turn right onto Welcher Road. Go about 3-4 miles to sharp right curve - take the curve slowly. The second house on the right is 2218 Welcher Road. The first red barn with attached greenhouse on the left is Peacework Organic Farm.
  • From 104, turn south onto 88. South of Fairville, turn left onto Pulver Road. At the intersection of Pulver and Arcadia-Zurich-Norris, turn right onto Arcadia-Zurich-Norris. Go over the bridge. A few hundred yards further, A-Z-N turns sharply left. Do not turn. Go straight on Welcher Road. The red barn with attached greenhouse is a few hundred yards further on the right.
  • From the East: Take Route 31 to Lyons. At the second stop light, turn right and go over the Erie Canal. Immediately turn left onto Water Street. Take the first right on Layton St. Rd. After a few miles, there is a fork. Take the left fork, Bauer-Van Winkle Road. After a few miles, at the top of a hill, there will be a large gray barn on the left and a light blue metal buffalo corral on the right. At the bottom of that hill, Bauer-Van Winkle intersects with Arcadia-Zurich-Norris. Turn left onto Arcadia-Zurich-Norris. Go over the bridge. A few hundred yards further, A-Z-N turns sharply south (left). Do not turn south. Go straight on Welcher. The red barn with attached greenhouse, headquarters of Peacework Organic Farm, is on the right. The second house on the left is 2218 Welcher Road.
  • Maps - if you do not already have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, you can download Reader software here.

Black & White Map Color Highlight Map (for color printers)

Farm work goes on rain or snow, electrical storms and life threatening winds excepted. Please prepare for exposure to rain and wet ground if the weather is not dry. Bring a warm jacket, if it is cool. Weather in Wayne County can be different from Rochester.

Dress Suggestions

  • Wear durable clothing that you don't mind getting wet or dirty. Bring extra clothes you can change into for the trip home if it is a wet day.
  • Wear layers you can add or take off for comfort. If it is chilly, dress in many layers so you can add or take off for comfort. If it is cold, bring gloves.
  • Wear sturdy, comfortable shoes. The grass is often wet early in the morning, so it is a good idea to bring boots.
  • Wear clothing that blocks the sun. Bring a broad-brimmed hat. Use opaque sunscreens.

If you are allergic to bee stings please let the farmers know.
If you use repellents in your relationships with the insects, you will need them at the farm. Populations vary with the season and the weather. You will find mosquitos, or they will find you, primarily when you visit their turf - the tall grasses,near streams, and the woods areas. Oil of lavender, pennyroyal and citronella are effective natural repellents.

Water to drink
There is no water supply in the fields. Bring a personal water container of your choice, filled with ice if you like. We suggest you bring plain water, or electrolyte containing fluids if you perspire heavily, not sweetened beverages.

Farm work is scheduled to start after your breakfast at home, and to be completed at noon meal time. You are urged to bring a lunch to the farm and to join the farmers for a picnic meal after work is completed. Bring any snacks you might like or need to maintain your energy while working in the fields or barn.

Children are welcome at the farm under the supervision of their parents or appointed substitute. Some families bring an extra adult or teenager to watch toddlers. The Children's Committee has designed a play area for the children with a sandbox and swing. Children enjoy supervised hikes to the streams, ponds and woods of the farm. Roland Micklem, a naturalist who is wonderful at sharing wildlife secrets with children aged 6 to 60, will be at the farm many Sunday mornings this season.

On designated workdays, an extra adult will be scheduled to do childcare, or all adults will rotate childcare and farm work. For babies in arms, please bring a backpack, play pen or stroller, so you hands will be free. Children over 5 are capable of an hour or so of farm work. Children over 8 usually work the full 4 hours with a break for a snack. With advance notice, farmers will try to organize work the children can do.

Rules for children:

  1. They must stay out of the barns, sheds and off the equipment, unless expressly permitted by the farmer.
  2. They must be able to recognize poison ivy, and stay out of it. If they touch it, tell a farmer and we will provide Tecnu, a product that prevents the poison from working.
  3. They must be accompanied by an adult if they go near Ganargua Creek or any of the farm ponds.
  4. They should have a good time!

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