Update on Sewer Sludge

by Suzanne Wheatcraft

On Sunday, Feb. 15th, at 2 PM at the Monroe Ave. Genesee Coop, Jack Ossont, Vice Chair of the Yates Co. Soil and Water District Board, gave a free talk and presentation on ?Irradiated Sewer Sludge is Good for You?. Mr. Ossont discussed such issues as organics, pesticides and the new USDA standards.? These standards are in the process of allowing plutonium contaminated sludge from a superfund site to be used on crop lands.? Gregg Palmer was also slated to be present.

If you would like more information on this topic you can call John Greenbaum at 244-3900 or 461-1071. Read further for a complete picture of this very important topic.